Bible Storytelling and Sharing the Gospel

Bible Storytelling

Have you ever considered using Bible Storytelling as a way to share the Gospel or do evangelism? Bible Storytelling is one of the many “tools” I was taught this year at International Project’s Equip missionary training program. As the following story explains, I have discovered this is a very easy and effective way to evangelize […]

Making Disciples of Oral Learners

Making Disciples of Oral Learners

Is making disciples of oral learners possible? This is a question my husband and I have been asking ourselves. In September, my husband and I and our 4-yr old daughter will board a plane and move to another continent in order to work with a people group which, as of yet, does not have the […]

Filling the Earth: Influence for Missionary Training and Beyond

Missionary Training

During Equip’s missionary training this year, one of the  trainings that has most influenced me the most is Filling the Earth. This training is a 7-part series about God’s glory filling the earth through His Church. Through Filling the Earth, I have seen more of God’s heart for both His own glory and for His […]

What is True Christian Discipleship?


There was a time in my life when I thought of discipleship as a study I went through to learn more about the Bible or a specific theology. I could complete the discipleship course and check it off my list. Done. I’d been discipled. As I’m finishing up my first year of mission work, Christian […]

Making Disciples: Still Important for Church Planting Movements

Disciple Making

Making disciples is at the root of every church planting movement – obedient disciples who make more disciples. Jesus gave the mandate to go and make disciples of all nations, and although Scripture never references a church planting movement, it’s clear that God intends for His Church to spread across the earth. Let’s look at […]

What Does It Take to Become a Missionary?

Become a Missionary

What does it take to become a missionary? It takes many things, including some very interesting experiences such the one that follows. The plate of food stared back at me, daring me to try it. “What kind of meat did you say this was again, Liu Yang?” I asked my Chinese friend, who was here […]

Medical Mission Trips ~ Are You Prepared?

Medical Mission Trips

I wanted to go on medical mission trips for as long as I can remember. In college, I slaved away for hours studying microbiology, chemistry, pharmacology, pathophysiology…all for the single purpose of becoming a medical missionary and going on medical mission trips. I am now a registered nurse. More specifically, I specialize in pediatric nursing. […]

Discipleship To Faith ~ Is This Possible?

Discipleship to Faith

I have had the privilege of growing in discipleship of others, over the past several months here at Equip, but in a rather non-traditional way. My discipleship has been with women who have yet to follow Jesus. In my own life, there was a time I would have questioned if that was even possible. How […]

Missionary Training – Why Take Your Family Through It?

Missionary Training

The whole moment was surreal for us. It was the spring of 2015, and my husband, our 2-year-old daughter, and I boarded a Boeing 777 to visit what we thought was to be our future home in Southeast Asia.  However, when we landed on the ground for our two-week visit, we quickly realized how unprepared […]

Mission Trip for College Students: Eternity in Mind

Mission Trip for College Students

Summer break hits, and as a college student, the options for how to spend those weeks seem endless. A mission trip for college students is an important way that you can partner with God during summer break. At International Project, we love to see college students responding through mission trips to the command of Jesus […]