Engage – Summer Internship 2018

Do you believe that people are lost without Christ? Do you believe that the Gospel has the power to transform lives and result in families coming to Christ? Do you want to grow in your ability to engage people from different cultures with the Good News?

God is sovereignly bringing immigrants, refugees and international students from unreached people groups right to us in New York City. This internship is an opportunity to impact people from around the world!

Engage is one of the most challenging, stretching and exciting internships available. We are very excited to offer this new 2-month summer internship for college students, launching Summer 2018! Engage is an evangelism and church planting internship which offers you the opportunity to live and serve among unreached people group communities in New York City.

Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Our summer internship will focus on three specific areas: spiritual formation, bold evangelism, and servanthood. We are looking for 8 individuals (4 men & 4 women) ready for challenge, adventure, and growth, to join us for ENGAGE 2018!


Total Accepted: 8 individuals (4 women & 4 men)

Cost: $3500.00 (due June 1)

Dates: May 28 – July 22

Arrival in NYC: May 26

Departure: July 23

Application Deadline: April 1

Application Interview Deadline: April 7

Internship Deposit: $400.00 (due within one week of official acceptance into Engage internship)

Nature of Internship:

Engage is an evangelism and church planting internship, focusing on the following main areas:

Spiritual Formation:

• Prayer and fasting: Interns will spend significant time in individual and corporate prayer. Interns will be guided in the discipline of fasting with 3 fasts (1-day, 2-day, and 3-day).

• Scripture: Interns will read and meditate deeply on Scripture and memorize various passages.

• Reading: Interns will read selected articles and books assigned for spiritual and ministry development.

• Interns will be solely part of a simple house church for the duration of the internship.

• Interns will spend time daily in prayer, meditation, and reading.
Bold Evangelism: • Interns will be trained in evangelism skills and methodologies for implementation.

• Interns will spiritually engage people that they do not know daily (on the streets, in parks, in cafés, and in other places) to find Persons or Households of Peace for the purpose of baptism and church planting.

• Interns will spend up to 4 hours daily engaging unbelievers in evangelism.


• Interns will be called on significantly to serve each other and the larger IP long term team.

• Interns will be assisting in guiding, serving, training and modeling for believers who come for International Project’s Seed Weeks. (4 weeks during the summer)

• Interns will spend significant time volunteering for a community center or involved in community engagement.

Necessary Intern Characteristics for a Successful Internship:

1. Passion to know Christ more deeply: Willingness to focus on Christ through engaging in spiritual disciplines

2. Teachable spirit: Willingness to implement trainings or methods that you don’t understand, seem strange to you or push you outside your comfort zone

3. Servant’s heart: Willingness to maintain a positive and joyful spirit in all acts of service

4. Humility: Willingness to be sweetly broken by the recognition of your sinfulness, to experience the great joy of God’s grace given to you through the cross of Christ, and to let this humility pervade your interactions with other interns and the IP team

5. Perseverance: Willingness to endure difficult situations without giving up (internal strength)

Intern Expectations:

The above-mentioned involvement will require up to 55 hours weekly. This includes prayer, church and reading assignments. You will have 1-2 days off each week but must be flexible on which days off you will have. You will be expected to arrive at meetings on time as early as 7am on a regular basis.

Our desire is to have you live a healthy, sustainable ministry lifestyle. NYC is a very popular city and many people will want to come visit you. Changing your schedule, switching days off and meeting with visitors during regular ministry days is not permitted. We actually highly discourage even having visitors during off days. You will be extremely tired from the new life in NYC as well as fulfilling ministry expectations. You will need your days off to seriously rest rather than show people around the city. Though this internship is challenging, it will also be a wonderful growth opportunity!

Readings: (tentative)

Book of Galatians every day for the month of June

Book of Colossians every day for the month of July

Glory of the Gospel (10 lessons)

Miraculous Movements

Solitude and Community by Nouwen

Cost of Discipleship (Sections on Prayer and Fasting)