EQUIP Missionary Training Curriculum


“I’ve been able to share the Gospel with more Muslims during my first 3 weeks in New York City than during the 3 years that I spent in Tajikistan.”

Paul, a 2014-15 EQUIP participant


Whether you plan on reaching an unreached people group oversees or here in America, our EQUIP Missionary Training will not only train you in the principles that lead to church planting movements, but will also give you the experience you need in order to put these principles into practice.

The curriculum that you will be taught during our EQUIP Missionary Training will help you learn both the principles that have led to church planting movements and will simultaneously give you ample time to put the principles into practice.

We have identified four primary curriculum components that make up the EQUIP Missionary Training:


Curriculum Components

curriculum components-02

Reproducibility / CPM

Strategies need to change when you go from trying to reach one person at a time to thousands or even millions of people at a time!  Does this sound impossible to you? On the contrary, there are over 80 church planting movements happening around the world right now!  The EQUIP missionary training will teach you how to plant your first church so that it has the greatest probability of becoming a church planting movement.

The classes and training sessions that you will be taught and practice are:

  • Filling the Earth Class
  • 10 Common Principles in Every CPM
  • Reaching Internationals to Reach the World
  • How to Facilitate a Discovery Bible Study (DBS)
  • Training for Trainers (T4T)
  • Strategy Coordinator Training


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Cross-Cultural Evangelism

Most of the Western world has a guilt-innocence worldview while most of the unreached world has a shame-honor or fear-power worldview.  Our EQUIP Missionary Training will teach you how to share the Gospel with the two worldviews that dominate the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Animistic worlds.

The classes and training sessions that you will be taught and put into practice are:

  • Sharing Your Testimony
  • Ethnographic Surveying
  • Chronological Bible Storying
  • Contextualizing to Muslims
  • Contextualizing to Buddhists, Hindu or Animists
  • The 3D Gospel


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If you are going to be a missionary to an unreached people group, you will likely be working on a team and your team will have a major impact on your effectiveness your longevity on the field.

Our missionary training curriculum will help you discover what your vision is for effective ministry. You will learn how to ask the right questions and gather the information you need in order to choose the best long term team for you.

The classes and training sessions that you will be taught and put into practice are:

  • Developing Your Philosophy Of Effective Ministry (POEM)
  • Spiritual Gifts on a Team
  • Christian Liberties on a Team
  • What Makes an Effective Team
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team


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Moving to a new city, experiencing a foreign culture, being a part of a ministry team, and evangelizing to people of different religions will provide you with plenty of opportunities to grow in character!  You will have an experienced missionary as a mentor and another seasoned missionary as a ministry coach to help help you process and grow throughout all of the EQUIP Missionary Training experiences.  Most importantly, our Glory of the Gospel class will help you keep your life and identity grounded in the Gospel.

The classes and training sessions that you will go be taught and put into practice are:

  • Glory of the Gospel
  • Christian Leadership
  • Christian Follower-ship
  • Time Management in Ministry
  • Stress Management in Ministry
  • Coaching Workshop


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House Church

Many missionaries come from traditional churches in America and haven’t “lived” or even experienced a simple, reproducible house church. When these same missionaries go overseas, they intend to plant a simple, reproducible house church but they have never taken part in or experienced it for themselves. As a part of EQUIP, you will be a part of a house church so that you can live simple church prior to attempting to plant simple churches.


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Bible Classes (optional)

To give you a stronger Biblical foundation for your church planting ministry, we offer the following four Bible classes to supplement our missionary training curriculum:

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Systematic Theology
  • Hermeneutics

Two classes are offered each semester and all of the classes are free of charge to EQUIP participants and alumni.



We believe our EQUIP Missionary Training curriculum is the best one-year missionary training that is offered to prepare you for life and effective ministry on the field.  Apply now to receive this training!



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