CIU Partnership

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Now, you can minister among diaspora communities in New York City while working towards a Masters Degree!

International Project and Columbia International University (CIU) have partnered to offer a unique experience for those who are interested in furthering their education, while continuing in active, cross-cultural ministry. As a participant in International Project’s church planting training–EQUIP–you can earn credit towards an MA in Intercultural Studies (Program 2) or an MA in Muslim Studies (Program 2) at CIU.

Participating in EQUIP will enable students working towards their MA to not only gain a solid, biblical education, but will also enable them to get significant, hands-on ministry experience with diaspora communities–experience that focuses on developing practical ministry skills and church planting techniques.

Please visit our EQUIP page to learn more about our EQUIP missionary training.

Contact us for an application and to find out how you can join us!


1) How do I pay for EQUIP?

Students will be responsible for raising money to fund their stay in NYC. Most Equip participants do this by asking for financial partnership (donations) from churches, families, and friends. Students are welcome to raise funds through International Project or another partnering sending organization.

For questions about CIU tuition, loans, financial aid, and other CIU-related expenses, please contact the CIU Financial Aid Office ( or visit their website:

2) How much does it cost to live in NYC during EQUIP?

The cost for single individuals is approximately $2,000/month. For couples, the cost is approximately $4,000/month. For families with children, the cost is usually slightly higher than the cost for couples, depending on the number of children.

For a more detailed breakdown of EQUIP living costs, please contact us.

3) Do I receive a tuition discount for attending EQUIP?

As a participant in EQUIP, students are eligible for a 25% tuition reduction for any CIU course, at any time during the year, with the exception of doctoral level courses.

4) What programs/degrees accept credit for work done as a participant in EQUIP?

Participation in EQUIP is designed to provide an accredited “ministry/internship” that will, in conjunction with other CIU course work, help a student to fulfill requirements for the following degrees/programs:

MA in Intercultural Studies (Program 2)

MA in Muslim Studies (Program 2)

CIU Certificate Programs (Intercultural Studies and Muslim Studies)

5) How will I complete my CIU coursework while I am in EQUIP?

Students will be required to balance online coursework with their workload as an EQUIP participant. Pre-existing CIU course requirements and the student’s ministry as an EQUIP participant will overlap. In this way, participation in EQUIP should help to supplement a student’s coursework, as opposed to adding too much to their workload.

6) Do I get to choose the people group I will work with in NYC?

While a people group of interest to you may reside in NYC, that group may not be a population that International Project chooses to serve through our EQUIP ministry teams for that year.

Unreached People Group (UPG) focuses during EQUIP are chosen for a variety of reasons, and may change from year to year. Participant preference is taken into consideration before a student is placed on a UPG team.

If students are working towards an MA in Muslim Studies, they will be assigned to a team reaching out to a Muslim population.

7) Is there a suggested course of study if I go to EQUIP?

Yes. For students looking to receive an MA, below is a suggested course of study as a participant in Equip (though, students are free to choose from other available Intercultural or Muslim Studies courses that meet their degree requirements).


Summer (prior to reporting to NYC in mid-July)

Students may take online or intensive courses at CIU in intercultural or Muslim studies

Fall Semester

GLS 6515, Cultures and Worldviews

ICS 6071, Approaches to Muslims

RES 7962, Integrated Research Seminar in Intercultural/Muslim Studies

INT 6920, Intercultural/Muslim Studies Internship*

Winter Term

Students may take an intensive course on campus at CIU

Spring Semester

GLS 5110, Mission of God

ICS 5020, Introduction to Islam

INT 6921, Intercultural/Muslim Studies Internship 2*

Summer/Fall (after NYC)

Complete any remaining courses via Online or on campus study


*INT 6920 and INT 6921 are not optional

8) Is it possible to complete an MA in one year if I choose to go to EQUIP?

To complete a full course of study for your MA, you will most likely need to take advantage of online courses and intensive courses during our CIU’s winter term, as well as during the summer term prior to or following Equip.

If you’ve completed some Bible courses (having taken at least 15 hours of Bible), an MA in Intercultural Studies or Muslim Studies (Program 2) can be completed with 30 credit hours.

9) Who do I contact if I have Financial Aid questions?

Financial Aid Office: (803) 807-5036

10) Who do I contact if I have more questions about Equip?

Contact us to receive more information, including details of the content of the EQUIP training, our Expectations document explaining requirements for EQUIP participants, FAQ about the EQUIP Training, and our Checklist for coming to NYC for EQUIP.

11) I would like to apply for this program! What do I do now?

To apply to EQUIP please contact us and request an application packet. The application can be submitted electronically. We look forward to hearing from you!