• bi-vocational
  • Field Ministry
  • Full Time
  • New York

Title: Salaam Center Assistant Manager

Hours: Full-Time, 40-50 hours per week

Location: New York City, New York

Purpose: To assist the manager in the operations of the Salaam Center.


The Thrift Store Assistant Manager is responsible for working with the Thrift Store Manager to achieve operational goals and standards. The assistant manager provides support to the store manager by focusing on administrative roles, providing leadership in retail management and customer service, and taking responsibility for the store operations in the Manager’s absence. 

The Assistant Manager must be a person of faith and integrity which should be exhibited in their work ethic, their interaction with customers and supervising employees and volunteers. They should understand the concept of servant leadership and strive to manage the store using these principles. The embodiment of these principles should permeate the store’s culture resulting in a Christian environment that can be sensed by customers, donors, volunteers, and staff. 


  • Assist Team Leader in managing 30-40 Employees

General Admin:

  • Oversee opening and closing in the Manager’s absence, including locking and unlocking doors, doing the drawer, employee opening and closing tasks, etc. 
  • Do supply inventory weekly and place orders as needed within approved budget given by the Store Manager.
  • Oversee processing of trash, outgoing donations, clothing disposal, etc.
  • Oversee re-stocking the retail space to ensure it is completely stocked and clean at all times.
  • Attend weekly meetings with the Store Manager to coordinate upcoming activities, sales, seasonal displays, etc. and to discuss schedules, staff, volunteers, and any other pertinent issues or concerns.
  • Coordinate and attend staff meetings and workshops with the Manager as needed.

Staff Management:

  • Train, supervise, and evaluate job performance for employees and volunteers.
  • Set goals for staff that sustain a fast-paced work flow. Delegate appropriate work to each staff member.
  • Ensure the store is properly staffed within the budget provided by the Store Manager. Plan additional shifts for projects as needed.
  • Support and encourage high morale and level of cooperation among employees through listening, support, and coaching for success.

Customer Service:

  • Set an example to achieve excellence in customer service and maximize sales/profits. Train staff in top-tier customer service and conflict de-escalation techniques.
  • Create and sustain a positive and peaceful environment on the retail floor that compels people to come and stay.

Processes and Procedures:

  • Demonstrate and supervise employees to adhere to the store’s policies, procedures, standards to maximize sales/profits. This includes procedures for store operations.
  • Develop a culture in which processes are one of the pillars of our operations. All workers will know their processes by heart and use process sheets for compliance.
  • Maintain the physical appearance and safety of all workspaces, storage areas, stairwells, and retail floor ensuring safety compliance and cleanliness.
  • Complete pulls and inventory rotations regularly as set by the Store Manager.

Additional Expectations:

  • Analyze sales and current inventory to provide projections and recommendations to retain customers and increase sales.
  • Use store resources (financial and non-financial) prudently.
  • Have working knowledge of the store’s POS software including the store’s cash register/credit card system.
  • Assist in managing social media platforms.
  • Regularly check all exterior and interior spaces for needed repairs. Report promptly to the Store Manager.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must have completed Equip or Equip-like training
  • Or have 5 years in missions experience
  • Bachelor degree in ministry preferred
  • Must have 2+ years experience managing employees or leading teams

How to Apply

  • Go@internationalproject.org
  • Please include your resume and a cover letter

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