Training and Mentoring

One thing that sets apart the EQUIP missionary training is the collective wisdom and experience of the numerous people who will pour into you during the 10-month process. You will have the following qualified trainers and experienced mentors to help guide you through the process:


  • Trainers – You will learn missionary best practices and paradigm-shifting concepts from at least 12 different trainers, educators and experienced missionaries.
  • Mentor – You will have a personal mentor that you will meet every other week to debrief what you are learning, the challenges you are facing, and discover opportunities for growth. Both of our mentors have over 40 years of ministry experience.
  • UPG Coach – You UPG coach will help you develop and execute your ministry plan for your UPG along with training you in cross-cultural evangelism and ministry skills.
  • Hub Leader – Your hub leader will live in your community and will facilitate the ongoing weekly trainings.  All of our hub leaders have been through the EQUIP training.


Our leaders believe that the best way for students to learn is for them to try things on their own. One of our primary teaching methods is to simply let EQUIP participants loose to try out a bunch of different ministry strategies in the “sandbox” of New York City. We will then help you process, evaluate and grow from your mistakes and successes. The EQUIP training will give you ample opportunity to try out different forms of evangelism, access ministries, and team strategies so that you can grow through experience.