Experience is the best teacher

Our 9-month ministry apprenticeship in Rome trains you in practical and reproducible church-planting principles and gives you plenty of hands-on experiences to put these principles into practice among refugees and migrants from the 10/40 Window.

Why Italy?

Where you receive your training matters

Rome sits on the threshold of global refugee migration. As hundreds of thousands of refugees flee their homes to find better lives, Rome is often their first stop. This gives unprecedented opportunities to “go and make disciples of all nations.” 

These refugees come from many unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window and beyond, with significant communities from 6 of the 10 largest unreached people groups in the world. This makes Rome one of the most strategic places to prepare for missions and church-planting. 

By learning to navigate the numerous cultural transitions into Italian and diaspora cultures, you will expand your ministry skillset and ability to meet the physical, spiritual, and social needs of the vulnerable and unreached. 


What you get trained in matters

Many missionaries are pursuing church-planting strategies limited to only one church being planted. In our Rome Apprenticeship training program, we draw from extensive research studying the 80+ church-planting movements going on around the world right now to train you in planting your first church so that it will reproduce itself many generations deep. Your training and mentorship will include foundational principles for making disciples and multiplying churches as well as personal development, culture adjustment and daily hands-on ministry experience. 

Each trainee will get involved in our community center, which provides language and adjustment classes for migrants, refugees and international students in transition. You will have many chances to build relationships and share Jesus every day by doing life with these communities and seeing God transform their life.

Who trains you matters

During your apprenticeship in Rome, you will work alongside our long-term team, including experienced missionaries and Muslim-background believers, to launch church-planting movements among diaspora unreached people groups and send migrants on their way with the gospel.

How you get trained matters

Many Bible schools and missionary training programs leave you front-loaded with teaching without giving you much opportunity to put your education into practice.

At International Project, we truly believe experience is the best teacher, so we have designed the Rome Apprenticeship with a “just-in-time training” approach. This means that as soon as you are trained in a church planting principle, you get opportunities to put it into practice.

Some highlights of the Rome Apprenticeship experience will include:

  • Developing a ministry plan with your team to reach refugees in Rome and spend 9 months putting it into practice.
  • Facilitating Discovery Bible Studies with local families in the migrant community.
  • Learning to “live out loud” by sharing the gospel numerous times throughout the year.


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