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Reaching Internationals to Reach the World

Welcome to International Project! We are a team and a community of believers who have a passion to see God’s name glorified among the nations. We desperately want to see the name of Jesus exalted among the unreached people groups of the world. Thank you for exploring this site and joining with us in this passion.

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  • Equip

    Equip photoOur year long training for church planters to develop the organic DNA for church multiplication movements.

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  • CIU Partnership

    groupWork toward your M.A. in Muslim Studies or Intercultural Studies at CIU while going through EQUIP!

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    Get involved photoDiscover ways you can make an impact!

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Recent Blog Posts

Church Planting Movement: How Many Missionaries Does it Take?

Church Planting Movement

The answer is: none. No one can start a church planting movement without God. And God doesn’t even need us to begin one. But He does use us. And often He uses many of us. In most church planting movements, there is no “one person” behind it all (save God). Often there are many people, […]

Bible Storytelling and Mission Trips

Bible Storytelling and Mission Trips

What does Bible Storytelling have to do with mission trips? Plenty! As long as there have been fire pits, there have been stories. From the very earliest history of man, people have been sitting together and enjoying food, fire, and the storyteller. People love to share stories. Tall tales. Personal heroics. Stories of love. Stories of […]

Long-term Missionaries Needed in the U.S.? CRAZY!

Long-term Missionaries Needed

You probably agree that it’s crazy to say that long-term missionaries are needed in the United States. You probably agree that most Americans have heard about Jesus during their lifetime. I’ve been in the United States for only four years and I agree with that statement too. I think it is logical to say that America […]

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