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Reaching Internationals to Reach the World

Welcome to International Project! We are a team and a community of believers who have a passion to see God’s name glorified among the nations. We desperately want to see the name of Jesus exalted among the unreached people groups of the world. Thank you for exploring this site and joining with us in this passion.

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  • Equip

    Equip photoOur year long training for church planters to develop the organic DNA for church multiplication movements.

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  • CIU Partnership

    groupWork toward your M.A. in Muslim Studies or Intercultural Studies at CIU while going through EQUIP!

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    Get involved photoDiscover ways you can make an impact!

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Recent Blog Posts

Evangelism and the Jedi

Jedi evangelism

So your new friend owns a lightsaber and you just don’t know how to share your faith with him. We’ve all been there. It’s an age old story. You find yourself in the middle of a trade dispute between two planets and are worried that an intergalactic treaty might be breached – setting off a […]

Seeking vs. Boy-Looking


What is searching? The Dictionary defines it as “try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly.” What is Boy-looking? My wife defines it as “walking around the room saying you can’t find what you’re looking for.” My boys are notorious for this (my wife says I am too – whose side […]

Discipleship and Faith

Discipleship to Faith

Over the past several months here at Equip, I have had the privilege of growing in discipleship of others, though in a rather non-traditional way. My discipleship has been with women who have yet to follow Jesus. In my own life, there was time I would have questioned if that was even possible. How can […]

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