International Project exists to

initiate church-planting movements

through unreached people groups living outside their homelands.


diaspora: the dispersion of any people from their original homeland.

Right now is a time unlike any other. Through migration, people who previously had no access to the gospel are living among us. This gives us an unprecedented opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus with them and spread it to the nations. We do this through short, mid, and long-term missions opportunities, church planting, and missionary training programs.


with International Project

International Project is a missions organization that trains and sustains missionary teams that disciple diaspora communities in global cities. Through offering short, mid, and long-term opportunities for Jesus-followers to get involved, we can see a church-planting movement beginning and spreading to the world.

Missionary Training

by International Project

God is orchestrating the migration that gives more people access to the gospel, and we must be ready to answer the call. Our missionary training programs allow you to train and work alongside experienced church planters and cross-cultural missionaries.

Mission Opportunities

Short Term

Trainings lasting between 1 week and 3 months

Mid Term

Trainings lasting between 3 months and 1 year

Long Term

Trainings lasting over 1 year or indefinitely


with International Project

We cannot do this without you. Your partnership allows us to see the news of Jesus spread all over the world through church planting and missionaries.