Reaching Unreached People Groups – You’re Qualified!

Unreached people groups. We hear this phrase talked about often in Christian missions circles, but it seems so distant. What if it was not? What if you could reach the unreached without learning a new language or stamping your passport? New York City is home to a significant number of unreached people from the 10/40 Window. In fact, it is home to 52 unreached people groups. Although many of these people have lived in New York City, many of them have never talked to a Christian, have an understanding of who Jesus is or have had the opportunity to hear the gospel.

The opportunity of globalization

Globalization is no longer a theoretical thought, but rather a living reality in New York City. Because of globalization, New York City as well as other U.S. “Gateway Cities” such as Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, San Francisco, Detroit-Dearborn and Los Angeles have many opportunities to reach out to the lost and share Christ. With many opportunities, comes much responsibility to engage. The gospel still holds true today and the harvest is plenty but the workers are few. The opportunity and the need for missionaries is great in New York City and other gateway cities. In these cities, every time you walk out your front door, you meet the nations. Hundreds of thousands of men and women from unreached people groups are walking past you each day here. They are in the grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants on the subway. They are everywhere. The need for long-term workers is evident to anyone who comes to New York City. However, in the mind of most Western Christians, missions only take place overseas. This mindset must change. The Great Commission does not require you to hold a passport. The Great Commission does not require you to attend 2 or more years of language school to get involved. The Great Commission DOES require a heart that is willing to serve and see unreached people groups become reached. At Equip, the training and resources are available for those willing to answer the call. The need for full-term, short-term and bi-vocational missionaries is great right here, right now. Come be a part of the amazing work the Holy Spirit is doing among the unreached people groups of New York City.  

Are You Ready? Get Equipped

Check out our Equip Missionary Training Program. A ten-month church-planting and cross-cultural missionary training program in the culturally vibrant and diverse heart of New York City.

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