Evangelism and the Jedi

Jedi evangelism

So your new friend owns a lightsaber and you just don’t know how to share your faith with him. We’ve all been there. It’s an age old story. You find yourself in the middle of a trade dispute between two planets and are worried that an intergalactic treaty might be breached – setting off a […]

Seeking vs. Boy-Looking


What is searching? The Dictionary defines it as “try to find something by looking or otherwise seeking carefully and thoroughly.” What is Boy-looking? My wife defines it as “walking around the room saying you can’t find what you’re looking for.” My boys are notorious for this (my wife says I am too – whose side […]

Discipleship and Faith

Discipleship to Faith

Over the past several months here at Equip, I have had the privilege of growing in discipleship of others, though in a rather non-traditional way. My discipleship has been with women who have yet to follow Jesus. In my own life, there was time I would have questioned if that was even possible. How can […]

Equip Missionary Training and Bible Storying: God’s Story Through Spoken Word

Equip Missionary Training

In Equip Missionary Training and Orality: Power of the Spoken Word we talked about the basics of what orality is and who are considered oral people and cultures. We recognized that orality relies on verbal communication and in turn affects cultural expression. This week I will share about Bible Storying: God’s Story through Spoken Word. […]

Unreached People Groups: How do We Reach Them?

Unreached People Groups

There are 52 unreached people groups in New York City. While in New York training to become a missionary, we are being taught different methodologies to reach them. In the Great Commission, Jesus told His closest disciples to, “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of […]

Living Water

Water is important. It makes up the majority of our world. You could almost say we live in a “water world.” But Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper would probably prefer you didn’t. #seewhatididthere. Water isn’t just important, it’s critical to human survival. The average person can go about 30 days without food. You will be […]

A Gospel for All People

There’s no question that the world is full of diverse people. People from difference cultures have different values and different ways to view right and wrong. The way that individuals perceive sin, or the concept of right and wrong, shapes their worldview tremendously. We’d be remiss not to acknowledge that when we are sharing the […]

Saint Patrick: Missionary

This year, on March 17th, millions across the globe will tap into their inner Irish for St. Patrick’s Day. Glow in the dark shamrock necklaces will be adorned. Cheap plastic emerald green bowler hats will be donned. Rivers will be dyed green. And as these annual revelers slog from pub to pub throughout the course […]

The Power of Perseverance

What is perseverance? What does it mean to our Christian walk? Perseverance, in short, is keeping on keeping on. It’s being faithful, day after day, to do the things that you committed to do. My family has been in New York City for the last 8 months participating in the Equip training program. We’re learning […]

Missionary Training: Serving to Speak

missionary training

During missionary training, you are taught to share the gospel. After all, God has called us to share the truth of Christ’s death and resurrection in order to win souls for His kingdom. He has also called us to care for the poor, the destitute and the sojourner. We are meant to be our brother’s […]