Serving God ~ More of Him, Less of Me

Serving God

Serving God is the most important thing in my life and also my wife’s life. Because of this, we came to New York City to train in the Equip missionary training program and have been here for about six months now. Next year, we will go overseas as long-term missionaries. The Equip program has given […]

Equip – Missionary Training and More     

Equip Missionary Training

I am now half-way through the Equip missionary training program and all I can say is, I got more than I bargained for. Equip is a 10-month long training program run by International Project to train current and prospective missionaries in cross-cultural evangelism and leadership training. My husband and I came to New York this […]

Equip Missionary Training

Equip missionary training

Why Equip missionary training? Why New York City? When my wife and I first felt called to long-term missions, we wrestled with two main questions. First, where is God calling us? Second, how do we learn how to effectively share the gospel? One of the biggest things I felt like God was telling us was […]

Discovery Bible Studies – Building Blocks to Church Planting Movements

Discovery Bible Studies

Discovery Bible Studies are a great tool to teach people how to read, obey and share the Good News of the Bible. There are multiple story sets that go from Creation to Christ, as well as many others, that facilitators can use to explain God’s redemptive plan and lead people to understand what Christ did on […]

Why is the Great Commission so Important?

great commission

The Great Commission is important because the glory of God is important. The glory of God is paramount. All other things pale in comparison. If this is true then all people need to know so they may worship Him alone. Worshiping anything else is taking the glory that should be for Him. Jesus tells His […]

Becoming a Missionary Isn’t Always Easy

becoming a missionary

I walked into ministry in New York City fully confident that my identity was grounded in Christ – that the truth of my salvation was the source I gained my strength from and from which I gave my strength away. However, four months into this new job/lifestyle/calling/or whatever you want to label it has shown […]

The Great Commission – More than Just Words on a Page

The Great Commission

Growing up in church you’re likely to regularly hear the words of Jesus as He gave the Great Commission to go into all the world and spread the Good News (Matthew 28:18-20). And if you’re like me, you often deflect the command for “that other person”. I justify it by saying, “Jesus was just talking […]

Sharing the Gospel in the Bronx

sharing the gospel

Sharing the gospel isn’t always the easiest thing for Believers to do. My family and I moved to New York City in the Bronx four months ago from a small farm town in Oregon. We came to join Equip, a church planting program that works through diaspora immigrants. Our training with Equip trains us how to share […]

4 Fields Training: A Roadmap to Church Planting Movements

4 Fields Training

4 Fields Training… the roadmap I didn’t know I needed. I never thought I would be in this situation. All my training and my upbringing had encouraged me to tell people the Good News about Jesus. I was now a missionary in New York City and my vision of what a missionary in NYC looked like […]

Are Church Planting Teams Necessary?

church planting

Are church planting teams necessary? Can you “go it alone” or is it best to work together? In some areas of the world, there are no churches to speak of. Someone must go and start churches where none exist. This is where the body of Christ steps in, uses the varied gifts God has given them, […]