The Great Commission – Who is it for?

Most of us know the Great Commission Jesus gave his disciples, which is to basically go into all the world and proclaim his good news. When I read the end of Matthew I often visualize Jesus speaking to his disciples and I am just an observer — not the one he is talking to. We know as followers of Jesus, however, that we too are disciples and are also commissioned to do the same. We are commissioned to share the gospel with everyone around us and beyond. But what does that look like? And why do I find this command so difficult to obey?

A not so comfortable question

I was challenged this week by a very simple question: “How many of your people will hear the gospel today?” As a missionary to the diaspora people of New York City, my people group are Muslims from South Asia. But perhaps the question can be more general: “How many people will hear the gospel today?” People from your workplace, your school, your community. How many will hear the best news this world has ever known today? The knee-jerk reaction is to think, well that is why we have the church, to invite them to, or that is why I support missionaries to do that work. But at the end of the day, Jesus asked us all to be lights to this world, not to hide our light under a basket of political correctness or let people believe what they want or if they wanted to know more, they would ask.

Too good to share?

The gospel is too amazing, too wonderful to be kept to ourselves. How can I be so satisfied with knowing Jesus for myself that I allow the person next to me on the subway to live life not knowing Jesus and to die and spend eternity in hell? Am I truly that selfish? Or is apathy my disease when Jesus calls us to love? The Great Commission is for all of us who claim to follow Jesus.  If you are not telling the people around you of Jesus’ life-changing power, who is?

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