Help Share the Gospel with Three to Four Times More People

“AgapeLink will revolutionize the way our church planting teams work with migrants, refugees, and international students.”

Kevin King, President

The Need and Opportunity

Thousands of migrants, refugees, and international students from unreached people groups around the world are pouring into Italy and Rome. Many feel isolated and confused about how to navigate this new culture and society. We believe God brought them here to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our Strategy

International Project runs the Agape Center in Rome with services to help newcomers learn the language, build community, and learn to navigate life in a new cultural system. About 80% of the people we serve are Muslim and 15% are Hindu. While serving the newcomers, our team invites those who are spiritually open to participate in a discovery-based Bible study group. In these groups, they get to know the teachings of Jesus and are invited to follow Him.

How You Can Help Us Reach 3-4x More People

We are building a mobile app called AgapeLink to expand the Agape Center’s group-based services to multiple locations around Rome. The app will match newcomers with a group that meets in a public space near them. This eliminates their commute and enables us to serve 3-4 times as many people without the expense of renting a larger space.

When the AgapeLink app is complete and the additional groups are up and running, the cost per person who participants in a group will be about $75-$95, according to our current estimates.

For example:

  • $75 helps one adult join an English practice group
  • $150 helps a migrant couple join an Italian practice group
  • $300 helps a couple join a group while their two children receive tutoring for school
  • $450 helps a whole group of six people study the Bible, discover who Jesus really is, and by God’s grace, begin to follow Jesus as obedient disciples

The Recap

AgapeLink will help us reach three to four times as many people with the Gospel. Then we will train them to become disciple-makers who reach their friends and family back home and around the world. Your gift for AgapeLink will have a global and eternal impact. Thank you!

2 Cor. 9:8 – “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”

“God is using global migration to move people where we can reach them with the good news of Jesus Christ”


A newcomer who needs to practice Italian or English, find homework tutoring for their children, or access support to complete basic government paperwork can pull up the AgapeLink app. In one of five common languages, they will select which of our services they need and where they live. The app will match them with a nearby group of around 4-6 people who also have that need—and where an Agape Center staff person or trained volunteer is available to lead the group.

During group meetings, our leaders and volunteers will observe how the participants respond to spiritual prompts. When they show spiritual openness, we will invite them to participate in a discovery-based Bible study group. There they will get to know the teachings of Jesus and be invited to follow Him. Also, the AgapeLink registration form will ask questions related to spiritual openness. If someone is interested when they register, we will invite them to a Bible group right away, alongside any other groups they may join. 

AgapeLink will enable us to offer 3-4 times as many groups for language learning, children’s tutoring, and discovery-based Bible study than before. The barrier of travel time will drop because groups will be available throughout the city. It will be easier for people to find a group that fits their schedule. By God’s grace, we expect to serve 3-4 times as many people and invite 3-4 times as many people to follow Jesus.

When the AgapeLink platform is fully developed from a technical standpoint and all the new volunteer group leaders are trained, we eagerly anticipate serving three to four times as many people in Rome as we can now. That’s when we plan to scale it up by expanding to other strategic cities in the US and Europe, thus multiplying the impact even further.


Your generous gift for the AgapeLink campaign will be greatly multiplied for God’s glory. Every dollar will be used toward the one driving goal of seeing an abundant, continuously multiplying harvest of new disciples and new churches through diaspora unreached people groups. 


Make checks payable to International Project.
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Financial Accountability

International Project is a registered 501(c)3 religious organization in the US. All donations International Project receives with preference for its’ workers, projects, or general purposes are tax-deductible, providing that no services were provided in return for the donation.