• bi-vocational
  • Field Ministry
  • Full Time
  • Operations
  • Part-Time
  • New York City

Title: Program Director

Hours: Part Time, Support-based 

Location: Remote in NYC

Purpose: Oversee all IP short-term programs to ensure they are being led efficiently and effectively according to the vision and values of International Project.


The Program Director plays an important role in our organizational structure, overseeing and guiding the directors of our programs. These dedicated program directors, under the guidance of the Program Director, are instrumental in training individuals to lead others to Christ. This leadership structure ensures that our outreach and ministry efforts are not only sustained but also continually grow to meet the evolving needs of our community. The Program Director is crucial in maintaining the high standards of our programs, facilitating growth, and maximizing their impact as powerful tools for leading people to Christ. In essence, this role serves as the backbone that connects the mission of our organization with the practical implementation of ministry initiatives.


  • Ensure the directors of all 8 short-term programs are fulfilling the objectives of their programs. 
  • Ensure all objectives of the program are in line with IP vision and values. 
  • Ensure that all program documentation is clear and consistent across programs. 
  • Ensure strong communication between program directors and the mobilization team. 
  • Ensure all programs are fulfilling our legal, protection, and waiver policies.
  • Help to finalize and approve the budget for each program. 
  • Work with directors to create/enhance a pre or post training packet. 
  • Review all evaluations from programs and evaluate all program directors annually.
  •  Be involved in collecting data and coordinating how to use that information with the development director. 
  • Be a sounding board for each program. 


  • (5+ years) ministry experience preferably in missions
  • (3+ years) experience in law, human resources, finance, or business management
  • (3+ years) experience leading teams of 5 or more people
  • Relevant bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree preferred                                                              

How to Apply

  • Email Go@internationalproject.org and please include your name, phone number, resume and a cover letter.

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