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BAM Internship

If you are interested in business and have a passion to reach the lost, join our Business as Mission internship to see how your faith can intersect with your work.

Transition to NYC

  • Summer internships usually run through June and July. Internships are also available during school semesters.

General Expectations

  • Be flexible. Full-time ministry does not always go as planned (in fact, it often does not!). Having a can-do, willing attitude to jump in where needed will be vital to making the most of your experience. 

Time Commitment and Schedule

  • As a Business as Mission intern, you will be expected to do ministry at days and times set by your supervisor(s). However, working cross-culturally is not always your typical 9-5 job and adjustments can be made as needed.
  • Expect to work between 40-50 hours per week, most of this taking place at the Salaam Center. Participating in your house church is not included as part of your internship hours. The following items are included in the 40-50 hours:
    • Working at the Salaam Center
    • Meetings w/ Mentor
    • Planning/attending community center programs
    • House Church
    • Any additional assignments from internship supervisor or mentor.

Two Major Focuses of the Internship

1. Business

  • Working in the Salaam Center will primarily include customer-facing positions (cashiering, pricing, etc.) and general management, it can also include working in the back (sorting, cleaning, etc.).
  • As a business, we strive to meet daily, weekly, and monthly goals. As a member of our team, you will be expected and held accountable to meeting these goals during your assigned hours. 
  • Throughout the internship, you will receive various ministry trainings. You will then be expected to practice some of these skills as you interact with customers. These tools will equip you to initiate spiritual conversations and build relationships that can be continued outside of your assigned store hours. 

2. Community Center/Outreach

  • CC hours can include running or participating in classes, events, programs, etc.

Personal Growth

  • Interns are required to schedule 2 meetings with their mentor every month. 
  • Mentors have ministry experience and will help you process what you’re learning and this is vital to the process. Since you will be engaging in a philosophy of ministry that is likely very different from what you are used to, mentoring will play a significant role in your spiritual and character development during the internship. Your meetings may cover a variety of topics, including what you’re learning and what challenges you’re facing. Your mentor will also provide various ministry skills training for you to use during the rest of your ministry hours. Mentors may cover deep personal issues or provide suggestions for how you can grow. You are expected to be transparent and open with your mentor.
  • You must have a teachable, humble spirit with mentors, teachers, trainers, and leaders and maintain a good attitude, treating leadership and your team members with respect at all times.


  • During the internship, you are expected to immerse yourself in the life of a house church within our local network. This allows you to fully engage with a house church and the church-planting principles we discuss. 
  • You will be assigned a house church through this network and you will be expected to be involved. This means not only attending the gatherings but also being prepared to pray, share what God is teaching you, engage others personally and spiritually, and build relationships.

How to Apply

  • Email Go@internationalproject.org and write “business as mission internship” in the subject line
  • Please include your resume and a cover letter

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