• Field Ministry
  • Full Time
  • New York

Title: Salaam Center Team Member

Hours: Full-Time, 40-50 hours/week

Location: New York City, New York

Purpose: To reach unreached people groups using the platform of the Salaam Center.


All Salaam team members are fully committed to the business and mission of the team. This includes staffing the thrift store, providing administrative assistance to the community center as needed, and leading classes and events that meet specific tangible community needs. Team members also build and develop relationships with Arabs and other community members with the goal of forming bible studies and churches that can continue to multiply.


Thrift Store & Community Center

  • Attend weekly team meetings and other all-staff events.
  • Work multiple shifts each week in the thrift store. While this will primarily include customer-facing positions (cashiering, pricing, etc.), it can also include working in the back (sorting, cleaning, etc.).
  • Meet daily, weekly, and monthly processing goals. As a member of our team, you will be expected and held accountable to meeting these goals during your assigned store hours. 
  • Plan, lead, participate in community center classes, events, etc. to engage new and existing ministry contacts. These can include English classes, art groups, career readiness, food distributions, etc.
  • Provide assistance in the areas of social media, human resources, etc. as needed and agreed upon with the store manager/team leader.

Neighborhood Ministry

  • Meet with students and customers one-on-one outside of classes and store hours. 
  • Participate in additional outreaches in the local community. This will mostly be in conjunction with your house church and/or Salaam Center activities (including the thrift store and community center).
  • Share your story/testimony and share the gospel with numerous people each week.


  • Must have completed Equip or Equip-like training
  • Bachelor degree in ministry preferred

How to Apply

  • Go@internationalproject.org
  • Please include your resume and a cover letter

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