Love Your Neighbors Through Coronavirus

Times of crisis tend to challenge people’s creativity and resilience. And although many of our workers are staying inside to protect themselves and their families, as well as the community, they are still pursuing thier calling to love their neighbors and to share the Gospel.  One of the first things our Equip participants learn is how to “live out loud” with their faith. This means being open with your faith in such a way that engages people who are spiritually interested and want to learn about Jesus. How do you do this when you cannot leave your house? Many of our workers are finding new ways to reach out to friends and neighbors during this time. The world may have stopped, but God is always moving His redemptive plan forward – and so must we. Here are some simple ways you can live out loud during coronavirus:

Offer to get things for your neighbors when you go to the store

When you are planning to go to the store to grab groceries or (if you are lucky) toilet paper, offer to pick up some things for your neighbors. This is especially relevant if they are older or at-risk. Even if they are not, however, offer to bring items they need so they do not have to leave their own homes. 

Text a scripture or a prayer to specific people 

Sometimes God puts a specific passage on your mind when you pray for others. When this happens, send that passage or prayer to them – even if they are unbelievers and ask how you could be praying for them. You never know if that may be the first time they hear that question. Knowing someone is thinking of them and praying for them is one of the best ways to love on your neighbors. 

Share Bible stories and what God is teaching you on social media

Cast your net into the ocean of the feed and share a note of peace and redemption in the midst of so much fear and uncertainty. When news reports and government announcements are filling people’s feeds – and minds – offer a glimpse of something different, something new and redemptive, to give hope in a confusing time. 

Give to a non-profit or service

There are many people at risk for the virus, such as the elderly, hospital staff, the homeless, etc. Google to see what organizations or clubs are supporting these people during this time, and ask if you can give time, money or resources. Love your neighbors by offering to bring meals to medical staff or to provide assistance to people who cannot quarantine a home they do not have.

Loving your neighbors

While this is certainly a time for the church to be in avid prayer for healing and restoration, it is also a time to reach out and be the hands and feet of Jesus. How are you sharing your faith during this time?

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