Prayer Guide to Seed Weeks


This week kicks off our July Seed Weeks. Consider joining us in prayer over the coming weeks. The harvest is plentiful! Here are some ways you can be partnering with us in prayer:

1. Safe travels. Whether the team is coming from near or far, pray for smooth and restful journeys.

2. Humility. It is not us, but God who prepares the hearts of people to receive the Gospel. Pray that the team will depend on His Spirit. Pray that the team will attentive to the nudges of the Spirit.

3. Hearts. Pray for the hearts and mind of the team to be equipped with the tools they will learn, and pray that they hearts of the people they talk to will be receptive.

4. Divine interventions. Pray that the Holy Spirit will go before each individual arranging for divine interventions. Also pray that the team will

5. Protection. The enemy will try to snatch away many of the seeds that will be sown. Pray that God will protect and continue to water the seeds.

6. Encouragement. The team will face many rejections. Pray that they will find encouragement from each other and in the good conversations, and in the joy the Lord has in their obedience.

7. The leaders. Pray for the director and host team of the Seed Week, that they would be able to communicate the training clearly and effectively.

8. Strength. Going through training and street ministry every day can be tiring. Pray that the team and the leaders will find times of rest and have opportunities to restore their energy.

9. Mobilization. Pray for open opportunities for the team to continue using the tools they learn once they return home.

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