Prayer-Walking: An Easy Practice Of Being Led By The Spirit

Praying has a way of aligning our hearts with God, His desires for us, and for His world. When we combine prayer with walking through a community, we begin to see the world the way God sees it and our ears become more open to what He is saying. Prayer-walking is a simple, yet powerful, tool any follower of Jesus can practice. I began using this while at International Project’s Seed Week in NYC in July 2018, and I am still using this today during my Equip program in NYC.

Combining Two Simple Things

All you need to do is walk around your neighborhood or a community with acute spiritual need, praying for God to bring deliverance, healing, and a knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you walk and pray, your eyes will be attracted to all types of suffering and need. It won’t take long before you grow in compassion for the people of that community. You will be equipped to enter into this suffering and offer the hope of Jesus to the community because you are taking it all in and understanding their unique sufferings and needs. Not only are you becoming more aware, but God is also hearing and answering your prayers according to His will! So pray in faith!

Another beautiful aspect of prayer-walking is you can become more aware of the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit within you, as you interact with people during your prayer walk. As you open yourself up to the Spirit’s guidance, you may have a strong sense that God wants you to interact with that man sitting alone on the park bench, or that lady with her child on the playground. In this situation, it is totally natural to say something like, “Hello! My friend and I are walking through our neighborhood today and praying for people we meet. Is there anything that we can ask God for on your behalf?” I have had many encounters exactly like this that have led to spiritual conversations and the opportunity to invite the love and power of Jesus into the lives of people who desperately need God.

Start Practicing!

Would you consider spending an hour or two this week trying out the simple, yet powerful, practice of prayer-walking? You may be surprised at how easy it is to experience and share the love and power of God in your own community.

Ready To Share Your Faith?

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