Short-Term Mission Trips in New York City

Looking for short-term mission trips? Consider New York City! A short-term mission trip in New York City has a long list of opportunities for those looking for a chance to work with unreached people. Over 37 percent of New York City’s population was born in another country. Most of these people are from unreached people groups and have never heard the saving message of Christ. International Project provides the ability and means to reach these unreached people. It is called “Seed Weeks.”

What are Seed Weeks?

Seed Weeks are a chance for people interested in short-term mission trips to intentionally and practically get involved in reaching the lost people of the world.  By partnering with local ministry teams in New York City participants receive training in different types of evangelism methods. The training includes abundant gospel sowing, how to share their testimony, using Shema statements and sharing the gospel with different cultures.

 Why are short-term mission trips necessary?

The benefit to Seed Weeks is immeasurable. Our missionaries train participants to confidently share the gospel. They can then carry those skills with them back home and to their next area of ministry.  There is a great possibility for engaging people from unreached people groups. Unreached people groups usually come from countries that are hard, if not impossible, for Christians to get into. But, God has brought them here. Seed Weeks are wonderful opportunity for people to hear the gospel in New York City, believe in Christ and take their new faith back to their own people in their hard-to-reach country.  This training is also helpful for the long-term missionaries already in New York City. Seed Weeks provide them with more “boots on the ground” getting contacts and passing those contacts on to the long-term mission team. It fills the streets of New York City with people sharing words of truth and salvation. People turning their lives over to Christ then get plugged into a network of long-term missionaries who disciple them.

What do Seed Weeks look like?

The beauty of having so many people in New York City includes an abundance of people who need Jesus. Volunteers learn new evangelization techniques and immediately go to the streets and put them into practice. Each new skill allows people to try different methods with different people. In past years participants have met people in places like college campuses, malls and on the streets of New York City. Taking the gospel to so many different cultures brings the vastness of God’s Kingdom to light. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We are praying to the Lord of the Harvest to send workers into his field – Matthew 9:37-38 with the help of short-term mission trips.  

Ready To Share Your Faith?

Join us for Seed Week, a week of cross-cultural evangelism training and ministry opportunities among unreached people groups in New York City.

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