Tentmaking and Bi-Vocational Missionary Work

Tentmaking is becoming an increasing reality for many cross-cultural missionaries. It is a beautiful expression of God’s heart that all peoples, tribes and tongues would hear the gospel message and receive Jesus as Lord. When the concept of a missionary joins a “normal” job — a bi-vocational missionary is born.

A Look at Tentmaking and Bi-Vocational Missionary Work

Being a tentmaker or bi-vocational means working a part- or full-time job. However, you still primarily see yourself as a missionary. Although every believer is called to take the gospel to others and live a life for Jesus, tentmakers and bi-vocational workers see themselves first and foremost as missionaries. The time spent reaching people with the Good News varies from one tentmaker to another. But identifying as a missionary is a key factor for all tentmakers and bi-vocational workers.

Tentmakers are not simply those interested in doing a little ministry or sharing the gospel from time to time. No, these workers are passionate about seeing Jesus worshiped by all peoples! They love being missionaries, wake up excited to take the Good News out and feel called by God to give their lives to his Kingdom through mission work. They just happen to also work a second job.

Let us take a look at how this plays out both at home and overseas.

Diaspora & Overseas Tentmaking and Bi-Vocational Missions

In America, tentmaking and bi-vocational missionary work provide the amazing opportunity to engage with diaspora people from around the globe. There is no denying that God is drawing people from many unreached nations here to the United States. He clearly wants them reached with the Good News.

Bi-vocational and tentmaking roles are important for overseas missionaries. This is especially true for those called to closed countries. Going under a missionary status or with a mission agency is not possible in many countries. However, a tentmaker can more easily enter closed countries. Once there, they will also have unprecedented opportunities to share the gospel.

Bi-Vocational Missionary Work in Scripture

The Bible is clear that tentmaking and bi-vocational ministry is a strategic plan God uses for certain individuals. Paul spent several seasons of his life as a tentmaker. Many are following in his footsteps today.

Paul provided for himself at certain times by making tents, but this was not his first priority. His calling and focus was always as a missionary first. As we look at Scripture, we see that Paul actually viewed tent making as a way to further the gospel.

In the same way, today’s tentmakers and bi-vocational missionaries have the same focus on mission work. But they also see their second job as a way to expand God’s Kingdom. There is excitement watching Jesus commission some of His people as tentmakers and bi-vocational workers. We recognize that, in the end, it is all about his worship and fame among the nations. Become a bi-vocational missionary worker with International Project!

Interested In Bi-Vocational Ministry?

God hasn’t called everyone to full-time work with missions organizations, but he has called all believers to missional living. We would love to walk alongside you as you learn how to merge your vocation and your ministry together!

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