Pursue God In Times Of Chaos: 6 Easy Ways

These are unprecedented times. Our world of striving and achieving has suddenly come to a standstill, and many people are now sitting in their homes until life can resume. Businesses are closed. Sports are postponed. Offices are remote. Stores are empty. If you’re lucky, your bathroom is overflowing with toilet paper. But God is still working in the chaos. And as the outside world stops, the world inside many people is racing with fear and anxiety. As many of us sit in our homes waiting for the curve to flatten and for the world to turn back on, let us not give in to our need for control and fear of the unknown, but instead abide even deeper with our Creator by sitting in awe of His power and His grace.  Here are some simple ways to pursue God during this quarantine: 

Replace your commute time with time in prayer

How much time do you normally spend commuting to and from work or other activities? A ten-minute walk? An hour-long train ride? Try spending that time in prayer instead of filling it with other things. Pray for the lost, the displaced, the missionaries, and the world. Ask God what He would have you pray for. Stay tuned to our Instagram and Facebook to see how you can be praying for our missionaries and for unreached people groups through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Build community over video or phone

In addition to spending time reading scripture on your own, reach out to friends and loved ones to talk about what God’s been teaching you through this time. Hold each other accountable to your reading plans and quiet times. Do not let social distancing keep you apart, but continue to pursue a deep community. 

Have a worship session by yourself or with your household. 

Just because you cannot attend church does not mean you cannot worship. Turn on worship music as you are working from home or dedicate one night as a worship and prayer night. Use this time to intentionally surrender the fears and anxiousness that tend to come with a global pandemic and focus on praising God who above all things. If you need a place to start, check out Spotify’s COVID-19 Quarantine Worship playlist.  

Go for walks and admire spring

In the midst of all the chaos, spring is arriving. Go outside, take walks, go running, admire the blooming trees. Not only is fresh air and exercise a good thing to do in quarantine (and all the time), but let it be a reminder of a God who redeems and restores life in the midst of brokenness. 

Serve others in your community

If you are a less at-risk individual, reach out to a local nursing home or your at-risk neighbors to see if you can bring them groceries or supplies. Some communities have groups on social media that allow healthy individuals to sign up to do this. See if there is one in your area or consider starting one! 

Plan for post-quarantine

Finally, think ahead about all the things you are going to do after quarantine! Ask God what He may be leading you into. Is He asking you to step outside your comfort zone? Is He calling you to trust Him even deeper? If you answer yes, make sure to check out our mission opportunities or connect with one of our missions coaches! We would love to talk to you about where God might be leading you!

Explore Missionary Opportunities

Join our long-term ministry teams as a full-time missionary, sharing the gospel and church-planting among diaspora unreached people groups in one of our ministry locations.

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