Disciple-Making Movements

What is a disciple-making movement (DMM)?

A disciple-making movement is a rapid and exponential increase in disciples making disciples. This movement spreads wide and deep to at least four generations and beyond. And disciples do this with many people and groups of people, who then learn to make disciples who also reproduce.

In the West, we often think about discipleship as one believer helping another “to know” some truths and get grounded in the Bible. However, disciple-making movements focus on teaching new believers “to obey” the Bible and make new disciples.

What is a church-planting movement (CPM)?

A common definition for a church-planting movement is, “A rapid and exponential increase of indigenous churches planting churches within a given people group or population segment.” (David Garrison, Church Planting Movements.) 

Others may say it includes a hundred churches that started in three years and goes four generations deep. This means one church has planted another, which has planted, etc. — to the fourth level.

No matter what, we know a church-planting movement is the Holy Spirit bringing spiritual awakening to a people group. Like a wave that is fast and powerful, it is out of our control, but it is definitely within his. While we recognize a church-planting movement as an act of God, we also recognize there are effective ways of doing ministry.

> Learn more about how you can start making disicples.

How are church-planting movements and disciple-making movements related?

While many workers focus on church-planting, the Bible never commands believers to start a church. Rather, believers are commanded to make disciples. In some ways, focusing on starting churches is like putting the cart before the horse. Our primary task as followers of Jesus on mission is to make disciples. When we teach new disciples the values of the church, new churches will naturally begin.

The more simple something is, the more reproducible it is. The opposite is also true. The more complex, the less reproducible. When new disciples have a simple paradigm of church, these movements will more likely lead to a church-planting movement. The converse is true as well.

Our strategy is to focus on making disciples who make disciples who make disciples. We are also committed to a paradigm of church that is extremely simple and highly reproducible. So we work toward and pray for disciple-making movements that lead to church-planting movements among diaspora unreached people groups.

Why church-planting movements?

Strategies change when you shift from trying to reach one person with the gospel, to trying to reach thousands. There are millions of people from unreached people groups living in New York City. Our missionary training programs are designed to teach participants the underlying ministry paradigms that lead to church-planting movements. We also train participants in the hands-on ministry skills and best practices that lead to church-planting movements

In other words, we train our people to plant their first church so it can spontaneously reproduce itself within a people group. With over 52 unreached people groups in New York City, there is plenty of work to do! Our vision is to see church-planting movements happen among the unreached people groups here in New York City and the 7,000 around the world

Our vision is to see a disciple-making movement happen among unreached people groups in international cities like New York City and in the least evangelized nations as these people engage their families in their home countries

> Learn more about how we train disciples to make disciples.

Get Involved

Training is a crucial part of a disciple-making movement. One could say a disciple-making movement is a training movement. In many ways, we need to detox from our old way of thinking and relearn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We need to learn how to make disciples. 

Our 10-Month Equip Missionary Training is 100 percent focused on how to make disciples that make disciples. With coaches, mentors and trainers to process your experience with, you can get training in initiating a church-planting movement in an unreached people group in New York City. Join us in making disciples among the unreached people groups in the various diaspora communities around the US.

Our Summer Internship and Seed Weeks also offer a taste of this training. You can receive hands-on tools, skills, and experiences to take home and continue making disciples in your local community.

Connect with one of our mobilizers today!

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