Church-Planting Movement Teams: How Many Missionaries Does it Take?

The answer is: none. No one can start a church-planting movement without God. And God does not even need us to begin one. But he does use us. And often he uses many of us. In most church-planting movements, there is no “one person” behind it all (save God). Often there are many people, as part of a team, that strategize and spread the gospel far and wide, often for many years before church-planting movements begin.

What is a church-planting team?

As with many sports teams, there are a variety of skills each teammate has that contribute to the end goal. In church-planting movements, we see the same variety of skills needed. Skills such as strategy, evangelism, prayer, language learning, theology, shepherding, disciple-making, etc. All are needed in combination to create a team that God can use to reach the unreached people groups. It requires all hands on deck!

Who makes up church-planting movement teams?

Church-planting movements are starting all over the world and the teams behind them are often made up of many different vocations. Some of the team members may be full-time missionaries, supported fully by friends and family back home. Other team members may be bi-vocational, that is they have a normal job (e.g. computer scientist, nurse, accountant, etc.) while also spend much of their out-of-work (or even in-work) time to share the gospel with people and begin church-planting movements. Other team members might be short-term missionaries. Perhaps they are only in the area for a year or less. But do not discount their contribution! God can use people no matter what their job is or how long they are there to tell people about the good news of Jesus!

What is our role on a church-planting team?

If you have a heart to see unreached people come to know Jesus and his work on the cross and to see his Kingdom spread through the planting of many churches, then this may be for you! No matter whether you are looking for a bi-vocational, full time, or short-term ministry, you can be a part of God’s work in bringing all peoples to himself. Church-planting movement teams are all over the world, even here in the U.S.! God has given each member of the Church body different skills to be used to glorify him and start church-planting movements around the globe. Perhaps it is time to stop asking, “Why me?” and start asking, “Why not me?”  

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