Evangelism: How do I Share My Faith?

Evangelism. This word scares many Christians. It scared me at one time. Most Christians do not know “how to do evangelism.” They do not know how to share their faith. The word “evangelism” seems to paralyze people. “How can I go up to someone I do not know and talk to them about Jesus?” I ask, “How can you talk to someone about how you became a Yankee’s fan?” Statistics show that only 2% of Christians share their faith with someone. This is a tragedy.
“And how can they believe in [Jesus] if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” – Romans 10:14
Their eternal lives depend on us following Jesus’ call to share this gospel. His call to do evangelism.

Equip Missionary Training

My family and I are a part of the Equip missionary training program. We are learning more about evangelism and how to evangelize than ever before. Equip is a training program for missionaries looking to do missions work in the United States with unreached people groups or for missionaries desiring to go overseas. It teaches church-planting training and skills for longevity in missions. It is training to be sure, but it is so much more than that. We are working with real people. Real souls. We are learning evangelism and how to share our faith. These words will affect people for eternity. The following are stories from what God has done for his kingdom this year at Equip.

When you pray, he will provide

Our team here in New York City, dedicated a week to prayer instead of intentional evangelism. We prayed for people’s hearts to be open to the gospel and for direction. My wife went on a prayer walk with one of our teammates around the community where we live. They stopped in front of the Islamic Center and asked God to reveal the truth to those inside and for an opportunity to connect with the Muslims in the area. As they prayed, a man walked out of the building straight to them. He began telling them about the Islamic Center. They told him, “We are followers of Jesus the Messiah.” With joy, he said they and their spouses were welcome at the Mosque and everything was in English. He was inviting them, Jesus followers, into his community. Praise the Lord for an inroad to speak with more Muslims.

A jar, a stool and evangelism

My wife and I were shopping for a jar and a stool. We stopped into a store with the Quran being read over the speaker. “What is this playing?” I asked him. “The Qur’an,” he said with a smile. “Ah, I am a follower of Jesus the Messiah,” I said. With a bigger smile, he asked, “Do you have time to talk?” When you are evangelizing you always have time. We began talking about Jesus and God. He was impressed with our zeal for God. We shared the stories of Adam and Eve (a story which is in the Qur’an) Abraham willing to sacrifice his son (a story also in the Qur’an). Then we shared about Jesus on the cross being our sacrifice. He listened with joy. We left with a jar and a stool. He was left with the gospel. He invited us back to his store to talk anytime. Praise you, Lord! God is using his people to spread his gospel. We cannot do this without telling people of the wonderful love of God and what Christ Jesus accomplished. We all must do evangelism and must share our faith in God and what Jesus has done for us!

Are You Ready? Get Equipped

Check out our Equip Missionary Training Program. A ten-month church-planting and cross-cultural missionary training program in the culturally vibrant and diverse heart of New York City.

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