Miraculous Movements

What are miraculous movements? Over the last year, my family of six has traveled from Oregon to New York City. That is a miraculous movement in itself. But more than that, we have been studying about church-planting and missions work to the unreached. During the training, we have looked at miraculous movements of people coming to Christ from other religions. We have read books about these movements. But there is a movement mentioned in scripture that still leaves me amazed.

Being transferred

It says in Colossians 1:13  “[God] has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son.” Normally being transferred is not miraculous. But in this case, we see that we are transferred from the authority of darkness into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This is truly a miraculous movement. We were once children of the wrath and now we are children of light. But not all the world knows about this good news. That is precisely the reason why the message of the cross is so important. Without Christ, all people are hopelessly lost and destined for destruction.

Fuel for movement

We know people are lost. The question is, do people know they are lost? In order to save someone they first have to know they need saving. Tell a person they should start taking cytotoxic, a drug toxic to the body’s cells, odds are they will not comply. Start with, “You have cancer, you need Chemo,” they will be far more accepting of your advice. Lost people must know they are lost before they ever want to be saved. Romans 10:14 says,
“How can they believe in [Jesus] if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?”
God has chosen us to carry his message to those who are lost. God is the one who makes the movement. We are simply the pipeline his message travels through.

The movement that multiplies

Look at the stories in the Bible where people heard this good news. The Samaritan woman in John 4 instantly went and told her town about Jesus. The demoniac living in the tombs in Mark 5 went to Decapolis after being healed and shared what Jesus did. Jesus calls us to be the light of the world. Light shines on everything. When another candle is lit its light spreads.  It cannot help it – that is what it does. When God pulls someone out of darkness into the marvelous light, they cannot help but shine. But how will they know if they are not told? How will they know if we do not go to them? How then can miraculous movements start? Contact us to learn how God can use you to start a miraculous movement!

Ready To Share Your Faith?

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