Mission Trip for College Students: Eternity in Mind

Summer break hits, and as a college student, the options for how to spend those weeks seem endless. A mission trip for college students is an amazing way to partner with God during your summer break. We love to see students responding to the command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations! God is using the college-age generation to change the face of nations and see obedience to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20).

Preparation for Future Missions

If you are a college student and considering ways to follow Jesus into the harvest, short-term trips are a great starting point. A summer mission trip gives you a taste of what it looks like to be a cross-cultural missionary.

From a distance, full-time missions can be idealized and appear adventurous. Up close, the work is challenging and even discouraging at times. A mission trip for college students is great because we are joining our Father in reconciling people from all nations to himself. There is nothing better than walking alongside our Father by saying yes to the purposes of his heart!

On our Seed Weeks, you will get a front-seat to see the Holy Spirit moving in the lives of individuals and communities. Additionally, you will hear from long-term missionaries about their hearts and experiences.

Eternally-Minded Trips

Another exciting aspect of going on a mission trip for college students is that these trips have eternity in mind. A week or two is exceptionally short, but it can change the way you see God, yourself and a world that desperately needs Jesus.

By serving unreached people through the love of Christ, you are investing in someone’s eternity as well as the eternal purposes of God’s heart. Each time we sow seeds by God’s Spirit, we store up treasure in heaven — something Jesus commands us to do. One small step of faith can move a mountain. Our Father loves using us to move mountains in people’s lives so they can believe the truth about His Son.

Opportunity with International Project

One way International Project encourages college students to join short-term mission work is through our Seed Weeks in New York City. Each summer, we host four week-long mission trips to train believers to share the gospel among the unreached. New York City is the perfect place to be a part of cross-cultural missions while partnering with long-term missionaries.

This summer our 2017 Seed Week mission trips are in June and July. We would love for you to join us in New York City to obey the Great Commission and bring in the harvest!

As a college student, you have an invaluable role in Jesus’ plan to reach the nations. A mission trip for college students with International Project in New York City is one way you can begin making disciples, preparing for future mission work, and sowing eternal seeds. Will you join us?

Internship In Cross-Cultural Missions

Our internship program is two months of missionary training and church-planting experience, offering opportunities to live among and serve unreached communities in New York City.

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