Reaching the Unreached: A Simple Story

What is it like reaching the unreached here in New York City? What is it like to serve on an Equip team? I want to answer those questions now by relating a simple story about a current team member serving in this city. The story I am going to tell is of God working and of his children faithfully laboring for his kingdom. But at the end of the day, it is a simple story about a perfectly ordinary interaction. Luckily, God does amazing things with simple.

Laboring in the harvest

My teammate was out in the city looking to share the gospel. He has a tremendous heart to share God’s love, forgiveness and redemption through Christ. So he set out to traverse the streets of Harlem looking to share with those who were broken and lost. After several hours of prayer, walking and seeking, my friend had not been met with the success he had envisioned. He was cold, tired and dejected. Often we mistake our measures of success for God’s perfect will. Luckily, he does not.

God’s plan, not our’s

My friend, this laborer for Christ, decided to pack it in for the day. He called an Uber and planned to head home. But as his ride pulled up to the curb, so did his divine appointment for the day. As he got into the car his driver, Ibrahim, greeted him with a friendly, ‘Hello.’ Ibrahim is from Africa. Ibrahim believed God is not knowable. But Ibrahim longed to know God. Like all creatures, he had a deep weight in his soul to know his Creator. And so God sent someone to him. God sent my friend.

A divine appointment

They fell into conversation almost immediately. As Ibrahim drove the streets of New York City the conversation turned quickly to spiritual matters. This gave my brother in Christ an opportunity to share his own experience with Ibrahim. He told him about a loving, knowable God. He told him about Jesus, speaking of his own brokenness and about how Jesus loved him anyway. Ibrahim listened intently. Ibrahim wanted to know more about this God who loved him. He wanted to know more about this Christ who died for him. Before the end of the ride, both men had exchanged phone numbers and planned to meet again. A small light had been shined into a life.

In his hands

We do not know what will happen with Ibrahim. I hope and pray that he will be able to study God’s word and come to know Christ. I pray he will carry the light further into places where Christ is not known. But these are things beyond my control. These are matters of concern for a higher power and authority. This is not a story about what my team did. It is not a story about what my teammate did. It is a simple story of obedience. God set a divine appointment and my faithful friend remained obedient to his call. He simply shared when God asked. This is what God has asked us to do here in this city. This is what life is like on mission for Christ — reaching the unreached. Will you join us?

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