Do you believe the gospel has the power to transform lives and bring salvation to entire communities? Do you want to grow in your ability to engage people from different cultures with the Good News?

God is sovereignly bringing immigrants, refugees, and international students from unreached people groups to major cities around the world, including New York City. Our internship in NYC is an opportunity to impact people from around the world!

This is a unique, challenging, and exciting chance to spend your summer focusing on evangelism and church-planting. Plus, you’ll live among and serve unreached communities in New York City.

Are you ready for a challenge?


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We are looking for 8 individuals ready for challenge, adventure, and growth to join us this summer!

Here’s what to expect from our church-planting internship in NYC:

1. Evangelism & Church Planting

  • Engaging strangers with the Gospel and other direct forms of evangelism. (This is a key element of the internship.)
  • Learn new ministry methods taught by trainers and coaches. 
  • Participate in accountability for evangelism and ministry activities.

2. Service

  • Desire to serve the ministry and the long-term missionaries.
  • Service may include up to 25 hours each week doing activities within IP including assisting implementation of Seed Weeks (one-week mission trips), among other possibilities.

3. Prayer & Fasting

  • Attending 2-3 early corporate prayer meetings each week (7am-9am).
  • Learning about fasting and taking part in a short fast if able.
  • Participating in weekly prayer walks around neighborhoods.


What kind of people thrive in our Summer Internship? We are looking for interns with:

Passion to know Christ more deeply – Willingness to focus on Christ by engaging in spiritual disciplines 

A teachable spirit – Willingness to implement trainings or methods that may be new, seem strange, or push someone outside their comfort zone

A servant’s heart – Willingness to maintain a positive and joyful spirit in all acts of service

Humility – Willingness to be sweetly broken by the recognition of sin, to experience the great joy of God’s grace given through the cross of Christ, and to serve alongside the International Project’s missionaries and interns with humility

Perseverance – Willingness to endure difficult situations without giving up



Cost: $4100.00

Application Deadline: March 1, 2024

Internship Dates: June 2-July 22, 2024

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Are you in search of a summer internship full of adventure, learning about different cultures and seeing God work in and through you? Then perhaps our summer internship is exactly what you are looking for! While the cold settles in (at least for the northern half of the country), summer may feel far from your mind, however it is never too early to begin to think of how you will be spending your summer away from college, and International Project’s summer internship is a perfect opportunity for college students who want a summer to remember.

What is the summer internship?

The summer internship is a two-month internship in New York City. It is a time to learn how to engage people of different cultural and religious backgrounds with the gospel, immerse yourself in new cultures, learn about church-planting, and grow in your walk with God.

Why New York City?

New York City has over 3 million foreign-born immigrants, many of whom have never heard about Jesus and the Good News of the gospel. It is a city unlike most. You can walk around the streets and feel completely immersed in a different culture. So much so that you would not even know you are still in America. It is a place you can be as close to overseas missions work without the need for a passport. It is a city of possibility – and not just for your career! It is a place that God is working in and is ripe for harvest. It is a city in need of workers in the fields.

Is summer internship right for you?

Whether missions is something you know a lot or a little about, or whether you are very experienced in sharing your faith or not — if you have a heart desiring to learn and grow and a soul that longs for adventure with God, the summer internship is for you.

The application deadline will be here before you know it. So be bold, be brave and prepare for an adventure to remember. Who knows, at the end of the internship it might not be just your life that is changed forever.



Internship In Cross-Cultural Missions

Our internship program is two months of missionary training and church-planting experience, offering opportunities to live among and serve unreached communities in New York City.