The Joy of Thanksgiving

In the Big Apple, we see that Thanksgiving is a big holiday. It is interesting to me that this is considered one of the Biggest Holidays of the year, that is what I call “Inter-faith based” holiday. No matter what faith background you are it seems that all celebrate Thanksgiving. This would make total sense right?! When we look at the history for this holiday it was the immigrants that came to ‘break bread’ with the natives. So this brings us to today, should this holiday be any different?

Growing up in Oklahoma, this holiday was mostly spent with friends and family. Being in NYC I see this holiday completely different. This year I was not with my blood family, but we started a new thanksgiving memory with our new life family — those on the EQUIP team and our neighbors that live right around us.

I love that, among other things, this holiday reminds us to be Thankful for others. There are so many people lost from Jesus, not just here but wherever you are reading this today. We need to be thankful that Jesus has all of us working for Him to spread the good news. Have you ever had that perspective? To be thankful for things that not just pertains to our individual lives but to the Kingdom of Christ.  I know it sounds different but can you Thank Jesus today for those around you that you “GET” to spread the love of Jesus to.

This Thanksgiving don’t forget all of those who are not being thanked. All of the lost around us that don’t have anything to be Thankful for.

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